Welcome to Bio Fine Chemicals

We specialise in herbal extracts for functional, aromatic or medicinal use

Traditional knowledge & modern techniques

Our never-ending effort to integrate traditional knowledge with modern high-end extraction techniques is what makes us stand out from other suppliers.
And it enables us to provide extracts of a unique quality that contain the best of both worlds.


We’re a team of open-minded herbalists, chemists, engineers, alchemists and phythotherapists. We are fascinated by human interaction with the herbal world. A field where there is much left to be discovered. That’s where we come in. Each of us has their own background and perspective in working with herbs. Combining our knowledge and views has resulted in many interesting products and we feel this is just the beginning.

Powerful elixirs

Our herbalists continuously travel around the world in search of superior quality herbs, to make sure our end product meets the highest standard. Crucial factors for the quality of our products are: where, how and when herbs are grown and harvested, which parts are used and what extraction protocol is followed. After quality selection, we look into which active parts synergise best to enhance efficiency, often creating new powerful elixirs.

Well-equipped laboratory

Furthermore, we have in-house know-how and skills plus a well-equipped laboratory to enhance your product with the power of nature, whether it’s supplementing healthcare products, flavouring foods and drinks, adding actives to cosmetics or any other use imaginable. Besides creating our own product line, we also provide extracts on demand for any company that wants to make use of the myriad herbal possibilities. We’re able to process both bulk and pilot scale batches.

Bottles on demand

Our subsidiary, AFF Custom Soda, bottles on demand. When you choose us to co-develop your special drink with its own character, flavour, or active component, we’ll be glad to share our experience and knowledge. We collaborate with artists and designers to create exclusive, artistic labels and private brands.

Sustainable agriculture projects

Bio Fine Chemicals, the modern-day alchemist, knows what herbs are capable of, works with farmers all over the world and is the founder and a co-sponsor of the Green-Matters Foundation.

The Green-Matters Foundation, supports sustainable agriculture projects in the Amazon basin, on the African plains and in the rainforests of Asia. Examples include planting medicinal plants, supporting local communities and facilitating work-shops for universities and professionals.

Bio Fine Chemicals, the best nature has to offer

Bio Fine Chemicals is a business-to-business company. We really want to make a difference with our products and vision. That’s why our products are available to anyone interested in the best herbal extracts that the market has to offer.